During the interview:

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by asking the right questions about the company and the kind of people who are successful there to present your background in the best way possible. Be enthusiastic, confident and positive. Speak briefly and answer questions directly. Turn your experiences into accomplishments when appropriate.

*Listen to understand more about the job, the company and the interviewer 

“Could you tell me more about your company?”

“Could you tell me more about the people who are successful here?”

“Could you tell me more about the positions responsibilities?”

*Sell Your Background by using information you learned earlier to answer questions about your background. Focus on the areas where there are correlations between the work you’ve done and what the interviewer is looking for.

Questions to ask your Interviewer:

*Feedback! Don’t just end the interview with a handshake and a smile; find out what your strong points and weak points are so you are able to address them. “Based on what I have told you about myself, do you feel that I would be successful working here?” Combat concerns with “My expertise in that area may be light, but I am very interested in this position and the challenges it presents.” Ideally, when you leave there, you should know exactly where you stand

Money (compensation) might come up. It is fine to let them know what your current package is (base, bonus, options, etc.) but remember, you should never mention a specific number or range. You want to make the decision and if you try to guess their range you may jeopardize your chance. Let them know that you are “very interested in your firm and if I were to receive an offer based on my abilities, I would give it serious consideration”.

Relax and try to enjoy the interview; remember a successful interview is as much about the company liking you as you liking the company! At the very least you’re gaining interview experience and learning about a new opportunity!